Friday, February 5, 2010

Diabetes. Blood.

Ah yes, the lovely world of diabetes. I started yesterday evening with a gym appearance, Molly and I went and worked out on some kind of high performance stair climber thing. It seemed to be half stair climber and half elliptical. Either way, totally worked the lower body. 5 minutes in and the burn already started, so we finished with a solid 30 minutes on that machine before we went to the free weight area for a little weight training. Afterward we left and headed home to cook some chicken up to make chicken salad.

As Molly cooked I gathered all of the medical supplies necessary to refill my insulin pump and install my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) sensor. Here are some picture to illustrate:

My Pump

Injection site that needs to be changed every three days. There is a small 30mm catheter that is actually in my stomach and delivers insulin 24/7. My digital pancreas!

The change is where the problem began. As I removed the old infusion set from my stomach I must have nicked a blood vessel. Blood was slowly trickling down my stomach towards the waistline of my pants. However, I cupped right underneath the site and let the palm of my hand fill up with blood until I was able to be rescued by Molly with a paper towel! Diabetes can be such a pain in the ass! Outside of being a little sore, everything ended up turning out OK and I was able to insert my CGM that talks with my pump to show real-time blood sugar trends. Here's a pic:

On a brighter note, hitting the gym has helped to restabalize by blood sugars no and I'm feeling less run down these days! :)


jpnairn said...

I get gushers occasionally. it happens. Likely it happened during insertion, and just didn't bleed until you pulled it out.

Mike said...

It's crazy and now you have this small whole that blood is trickling out non-stop and all you can thing is WTF! lol! Diabetes, I love you! :)