Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stay Safe!

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With the increase in cycling vs. vehicle accident and fatalities this year, make sure that you can be seen. Thanks to technology drivers are spending more time adjusting their navigation systems and send texts while driving. Even talking on the phone is distracting. The most recent Bicycling magazine said drivers using a cell phone have the same impairment as someone with a .08 BAL. That is legally drunk in Ohio!

Please try to do these two things:
1. Always try to be visible and be prepared to take evasive action. I ride with a tail light whenever I'm on the road, even if it's a bright sunny day. Hitting shade can throw a drivers vision of you off.

2. Try your best to not be part of the problem, turn your phone off or don't answer calls or texts while driving. Pull over or wait until you get to your destination to answer.

Happy riding, stay safe!!! :)

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