Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two Big Wins!!!

The first is against diabetes and the second is for cycling!!!

Big Win #1 Diabetes:
Last week I had my bi-annual doctor appointment. I usually get lab work drawn before the visit and we discuss the results after the visit. This time there was a SNAFU with my scheduling and I wasn't able to get lab work until the day of the appointment. So, I came prepared and printed out all of the tracking graphics and charts that my insulin pump stores and processes through CareLink. Done with the boring background now to the good news!

When I called the doctor yesterday to get the results of my A1c I was told that it was 6.2 for the second time in a row, that mean I've been at 6.2 for over a year!!!! :)

Side note: Per www.WebMD.com

Importance of the Hemoglobin A1c Test

I know you are going to ask what those complications are. Again, per www.WebMD.com

So my 6.2% minimizes to the extreme my chances of complications! :)

Big Win #2 Cycling:
A few weeks back I entered a contest at Sidi Shoes for those of you who don't know, Sidi is one of the top brands of cycling shoes in the cycling world. The top three world champions last season were all in Sidi shoes!

They had a contest to submit a story about Sidi shoes. It was pretty open ended, you could write about why you like them, write a poem, submit a picture or whatever. I wrote an essay about why shoes are important to diabetics and how I look for only the best and have found that in my Sidi shoes.

Low and behold I made it to the top 50 essays winning my choice of Sidi shoes!!!

Here was my essay:

Sidi, Cycling, Diabetes and Life!

As a Type 1 diabetic I’ve always done my best to live a “normal” life, as normal as life can be on multiple daily injections of insulin. Part of maintaining my health is through regular exercise, the equation is simple, cycling = exercise, exercise = better controlled diabetes, better controlled diabetes = longer life and better quality of life. My love of cycling was born out of my own drive to maintain my own body and blood sugar control.

Diabetics are highly susceptible to foot injuries which can lead to bigger problems and amputations this is due to circulation issues that accompany diabetes. How do you fight this? Check your blood sugars, exercise regularly and watch your diet. Check! Another layer of protection I always follow is, don’t skimp on footwear! When I look for something to put on my feet I looked for the best. Not only do I have diabetes but I also have really flat feet. Two strikes out of the gate?!?!?

I’ve tried many types of shoes and the bike shop I go to tried to get me in 3 or 4 different brands of shoes that were all good but not great. Then I saw it, a red box with the Sidi logo on. I couldn’t believe it these were the Holy Grail of shoes growing up, I never thought I would see myself in these shoes! I found my size and they felt amazing! My feet felt like I just slipped them into two little clouds and the sun shined in on my feet while angels sang.

(Record scrrratch)

Snap out of it son, buy them and hit the darn trails! I did. I love my Sidis, there durable, light and let my feet breath! I put 1,000 miles on them last season and they are ready for 2,000 more miles, as soon as the 15 inches of snow melt! I love to ride period!

Ride to live, live to ride!

and the shoe I am choosing is the Dragon 2 Carbon SRS how awesome are those!

Great motivation as well to get out and ride and be the best diabetic racer I can be!!!


jpnairn said...

Big congratulations on both successes!

GRIESE.J said...

Congratulations. I also am huge fan of Sidi shoes , actually they make a great pair of more casual looking motorcycleshoe/boots that look like black hi tops but are reinforced for motorbiking. I got 14000 miles on them and about 5000 one sidi dominators .

Mike said...

Thanks guys!!!

Rach said...

Wow, an a1c of 6.2 is AMAZING. I admit, I'm really jealous. :) But I'm proud of you!!!!

Rainmaker said...

Holy cow - a $500 shoe? Dang, you scored bigtime!