Thursday, February 11, 2010

Spinning and Sweat

Another great Spinning class last night! They really now how to kick my ass! I think my heart rate stayed between 178 and 187 the whole time, with a max of 190, it feels great to push it during class. You know what I'm talking about, sweat in your eyes, muscles are on fire to the point where you could get of your bike and just empty your stomach, but instead you push and push harder. That's where I was last night! A brief warm up and hour work out helped me incinerate 1245 calories!

I can't wait until the weather clears to mix up the rides more! Spin one day a week, hit up the group hammer fest with the guys of CAMBA at the West Branch trails and then knock out a group ride with the Akron Bike Club on Thursday. Then use the weekends for extra long solo excursions, t-minus 3.5 months until the Mohican MTB 100 feel free to join me!

I want to keep a higher variety of workouts this season, I feel much better when I do, stronger as well working the different terrain and scenarios. Back to the grind!

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