Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 In Review

Well, I accomplished most of my goals and left a few on the table for 2011.

Goals Accomplished:
- Raced in more MTB Races this year
- Road more miles this year
- Kept my A1c below 7.0

Goals yet to be accomplished
- Finishing my first 100km or 100mile MTB race
- Breaking 3,000 miles in a year

2011 Goals are pretty simple a straightforward
- Finish the Mohican MTB 100
- Race in at least 4 races
- Break 3,000 miles
- Keep my A1c below 7.0

I will elaborate more as the year goes on!


GRIESE.J said...

Best of luck in the New year.


Rainmaker said...

Nice lists on both sides of the fence.

Good luck with 2011, and Happy New Year!