Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowiest City?!?!?

An article yesterday listed Cleveland as the second snowiest city next to Denver. Having lived here all of my life, I BELIEVE IT!

It makes it tough for cycling but the snow doesn't last long. I was able to ride well into November this year. It may have only been 20 degrees out but as long as the legs still move and wheels still turn, I'm riding! My cut off is snow, as soon as it starts snowing and they start salting streets I'm done and migrate indoors for riding. We get so much snow that the streets are always caked in salt and brine solution. Great for melting snow and melting carbon fiber and bike parts.

This is what my dog thinks of winter!

In the Spring I'll venture back out after we get a few hard rains to wash away the salt. This usually happens at some point in mid to late March. In between I ride on the trainer and do Spinning classes at the gym to keep at least a minimal level of fitness.

I guess I'm just happy that we only have to deal with roughly 3.5 months of snow vs. more. There is ample time for riding!

Here is my car yesterday after a 45 minute meeting at Goodyear HQ

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