Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sorry! It's been way too long since I've posted anything. I've been in a bit of a rut. Here in the diabetes world I believe we call if burnout. I do my best to stay motivated and I'm learning new ways to do that. When I lived with my ex-girlfriend my motivation to go out and exercise was to get away from her. Now that she's my ex I'm trying to find new ways to keep myself motivated. My BS control has been great, my 90 day average after 255 tests is 146. I'm working on getting that down with a 30 day average of 120 after 75 tests. My A1C was 8.6 last time it was checked and I need to keep that lower.

I'm really excited/nervous to switch from MDI (multiple daily injections) to the pump. My plan is to make the switch in late September. With my insurance the pump falls under Durable Medical Equipment which has an annual cap of $2500. So here is the break down: Original cost: $6000, Discount for Medtronic being a network provider: $1000, total cost is now: $5000, minus $2500 from insurance, equals $2500 out of pocket to buy. So I guess if this counts as stimulating the economy then I'm helping. This is where my check will be going! :) Now for the problem, if I get the pump at the beginning of the year then the $2500 will be used up. The catch, the pump supplies fall under durable equipment as well and if there is no money left of the $2500 then it's all an out of pocket expense. Solution, get the pump close to the end of the year so when the DME $2500 rolls over as of Jan. 1 I can use that new money to cover 80% of the supply cost. Jeez, "normal" people have it so easy! lol

I want to thank Nancy from Team Type1Rider for taking a minute to send me an email. It's amazing that such a quick little thing can be so motivating. Check out her blog: http://www.type1rider.org/TeamType1Rider/NancyEastman/GoinNancyBlog/tabid/151/Default.aspx

Good luck with you training and racing season this summer!

On that note, I'm ready to put my head down and drive straight into the fitness world. Wish me luck! I'm starting today with a bike ride this evening. It's a beautiful, sunny day in NE Ohio which can be hard to find sometimes! Check back, I'll let you know how the ride went!

Ride to live, live to ride!

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