Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I love summer holidays!

Here's the scoop, I get Friday off work and half a day on Thursday. I also took the rest of Thursday and Wednesday off as well! :) Here the rundown of my vacation:

Tuesday: started the evening off right with a nice long bike ride. Had to try out the fixed bike which ran like a dream! :) As well as the new HR monitor/cyclecomputer.

Ride stats: Duration 1:56:04, max heart rate 209bpm, avg. heart rate 151bpm, 1321 calories burned, 27.9 miles, 14.5 mph avg., 45mph max speed

Wednesday: Drive to Buffalo, NY to visit with Grandparents and Uncles

Thursday: Big picnic/4th party and my Uncle's house in NY. We party and cookout all day and watch the fireworks so close you have to look straight up to see them!

Friday: Drive from Grandparents in NY to Aunt's house in Amherst, OH for another picnic and to see my cousin who is in from Chicago. Pick Lexi up from parents place (Thanks Kevin for watching my Lexi pie this week, YOU ROCK!) and head home. Depending on what time I get home maybe go out for a ride.

Saturday and Sunday: Ride my ass off! A minimum of 75 miles combined those days. I have to prep for my metric century next weekend for the ABC ride. 62 miles of bliss next Sunday.

Everyone, have a great and safe holiday weekend!!!!

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tracie said...

sounds like a fun filled holiday 'weekend'!!!

good luck with the upcoming ride!