Monday, May 26, 2008

Beautiful Weekend!

Yeah, I finally got out on my bike quite a bit this weekend! Both Sunday and Monday were great with my blood sugar as well. On Saturday I hit up the family party back at my parents place. I helped my family out by cutting the grass and doing some other odds and ends to get things in order for my brother to get started on his treatment next week. He's losing way too much weight but in good spirits, check out his blog at: he is going to do his best to keep a journal going of all the experiences he will be going through. Right on little bro!!!

So the riding was great on Sunday. I went 30 miles and got some great sun burn/tan lines. It felt good to get out and pour on the miles. My starting BS was 60 and some carbs, rode and ate carbs while out and finished at 70. I can't complain, I think it worked out pretty well.

I also got a new Camelback after not taking my meter with me on Sunday. I decided that I need to figure out a way to get everything around with me. I used to have an original camel back in the mid 90's back when they first came out. They have sure come a long way. Here is a picture of the one I picked up. 70 oz. of water and space for my stupid blackberry (I don't use but need it in case of emergency), my meter and some extras like an insulin pump soon!

My ride today took me down through the Valley where I ran into a nice little Memorial Day parade. I stopped to watch, i couldn't pass it up. They are honoring the people who defend the very freedom I was celebrating by riding my bike where I want when I want as long as I want. It's a good thing I had my patriotic socks on! Today was a 25 mile day. My BS was 87 starting off where I had a small snack and continued to snack through the ride and came home to a BS of 70 again. What a great day. See my socks below.

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