Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alright No Slacking!

I'm doing my best to not be a blog slacker (they should make a name for this phenomena).

My holiday week/weekend was great! I went out to Buffalo to visit the family which was great and the drive was nice as well. Sometimes it's nice to just drive by yourself and rock out to some great 80's music while pondering teh meaning of life. Then I snapped back to reality and realized how lucky we are to have 3 lane highways around most of Akron. Stupid trucks and slow drivers, get to the right side of the road!!! >:(

So I drove from 4th picnic in Buffalo straight to another 4th picnic in Amherst, OH being held by the other side of my family. Then I stayed at my parents to help mulch the front first thing on Saturday morning. By this time I had eaten and drank wayyyy toooo much. I was missing my bike.

Saturday I got home around 3 and headed out on the bike. I covered a cool 30 miles and rocked a few hills in preparation for the ABC ride next weekend.

Sunday I go up at the crack of dawn, well, 7am to hit the road by 8. I made it out by 8:10 but who's counting! I covered another 36 miles Sunday morning. If you add that with my mileage from Tuesday and Saturday I met my goal of 75+ miles for my vacation. Then I hiked around Kendal Ledges with my friend Molly. She was laughing at me because I was getting a little sore. She said every time I got up I moved a little slower. She's mean! lol

So here is the run down of my week:
Monday - Softball
Tuesday - Rest
Wednesday - Hard ride, hit up some hills in the valley. Oak Hill, North Hampton, Ira.
Thursday - Distance Ride 30 miles
Friday - Easy ride - 25
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - ABC Ride in Medina 62 miles

Have a great week everyone!

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Charlie said...

Might I suggest a slogger?
Thanks for the comment.