Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Well, I was finally able to get out yesterday at about 6pm. The weather looked a bit shaky up until then. I had the news on, Internet weather and kept walking out and looking at the sky. Finally I said screw it!

I got my bike and myself ready and went out. The ride was great and I tried a new route which ended up being 29.4 miles, close enough to 30 for me!!! I felt great, like I could ride another 20 miles. However, I wrestled with my blood sugars for the ride. I was low when I started (BS 67) so I fueled up and about 9 miles in I went low again and had to stop in the valley for a Power Bar gel which is a solid 30g of carbs. Felt pretty good for the rest of the ride. when I got home my BS was 57 but I knew I was eating dinner so I was ok.

Checked again at 9 and my BS was 110 which is a-OK perfect as far as BS goes. I took my Lantus and had a small snack, the usual nighttime ritual. However as I was going to bed a little after 10 my BS was 41!!! Back to eating again. Sheesh! Being diabetic is tiring.

On a good note though HUGE cold front moving through bringing the temp and humidity down. 77 and sunny today!!! 40 miles here I come!!!


tracie said...

great job on the ride!

as for the BS, no pun intended, you do your best and sometimes the rest is out of your control, ya know?

Anonymous said...

I can definitely relate on the eating before bed thing. On the days when I run, it seems that no matter what I do, I am low before bed.

It seems stupid to complain about HAVING to eat, but it is so tiring (you put it well!).

The best is when I forget to check my blood sugar BEFORE brushing my teeth... then I get to eat something with fresh toothpaste flavor. Yum!