Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Here, It's Here!!!

Yes, to most people it means nothing but to me, the world! My new insulin pump!!! Yes, I did open it at work because I was too excited! Check out all the "stuff", now if I could only get some to show me how to use so I don't accidentally kill myself! lol I did make a trip out to restock glucose tabs and instant glucose gel in case of emergencies. I will keep everyone up to date as I learn more and get this party started!

The real question of the day is can I keep numbers like this once I start on the pump? I hope!

For those who can't read horrible, blurry pictures:
7 day average after 26 checks is 110
14 days 109
30 days 119
60 days 120
90 days after 393 checks 120!!!! Freaking Awesome!
Package delivered at work:
Package contents on desk at work:
Package contents spread out on table at while reading the literature:


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on the blog! I was okay after the storm, had a bit of a sugar crash but nothing too disastrous :)

Woo! Hope all goes well with the pump, I was a minimed pumper for 2 years so if you have any questions let me know!

Nancy said...

OHHH...it's like Christmas for a diabetic!!! Congrats! Those are some impressive numbers Mike. They will only continue to be that way too:)
Thanks for the luck on my race..I can't believe it's here. I will of course be writing a race report. Hopefully I can remember all the details after I pass out:)

JenC said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the comment on my blog. GCT is out at Mentor Headlands on August 10. Please do come out and cheer for the CTCers!

Good luck with the pump!