Monday, July 14, 2008

Rain Man

Sunday's ABC ride was great! Well...outside of the fact that it rained all 65.4 miles of the ride it was great. I felt good for the ride for the most part. I forgot to take my shot of Lantus the night before so my blood sugars were a little goofy but I got them under control quickly. Started off the ride with a BS of 135. A OK!!!

I got all of my gear together and headed out. My usual plan is to go out and find a group of riders that are slightly faster than my average speed so I push myself. I found that group about 3 miles in, it was Goldilocks style! lol First group, nice but too slow. Second group past so fast I yelled car back thinking it was really a car. Then I saw it, through the downpour of rain, a faint flashing red tail light. I kicked it into gear and chased them down. It was a group of 6 guys that ride together and usually hammer through the valley during the week. PERFECT! We kept a solid 16.5 mph pace. This may have been faster if it wasn't pouring down rain so hard. It was the kind of rain that left you with two options: 1. Wear glasses (which I have my clear lens in) and deal with water on them and fogging up all day or 2. Not wear glasses and get the spray from someones wheel in your eye all day.

Roughly 6 hours after the ride my shoes and helmet were finally dry, they gave new meaning to the word saturated!

All in all, great ride and I can't wait to get out and put more miles on this week.

Weekly total miles: 142.4

Sunday Ride: 65.4 miles
Avg HR: 157
Max HR: 183
Avg. Speed: 15.8mph
Calories burned: 3138 Yikes!

Next big ride Sweet Corn Challenge!

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