Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful Weather!

Yesterday was a beautiful day! I ran out of work at 5 and went straight for my bike. I was on the road by 6 after walking/feeding the dog and getting my stuff together. It got a little hot around 3-5 o'clock but by 6 the temp was perfect!

My blood sugar was perfect as well with a pre-ride test of 138 and a small snack the my body felt great for the ride. Why you ask? When my blood sugar is low at the start of a ride I can eat a quick snack but still, part of my bodies energy is going towards correcting my blood sugar instead of the exercise at hand. So even though the "normal" range is 80-120, 138 is perfect for the start of strenuous activity. I sipped on Gatorade G2 throughout the ride and stopped to watch the cows at Hale Farm while reloading on a Powergel. When I finished my ride my BS was 80, perfection!

The ride overall was great I covered 28 miles which included a few small hills in 1:50:00 flat. Hopefully my ride today and tomorrow will be as productive as the one last night!

On a side note everyone say a prayer and send your happy thoughts to my little brother who is going in for his fourth round of chemo. Take care little buddy, love ya!!!

Did I mention how much he drives me? I push myself hard for him, I think when I have a great day that it sends positive vibes up his way. That's why I like to call him and let him know how things are down here.

Take care everyone and enjoy the beautiful weather!!! :)

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tracie said...

i hope everything goes well for your bro!!!

i must say that having to deal with BS issues is a pain!!!! while i'm not diabetic, because of the PCOS my body functions like one in many ways and it is definitely a 'science' to get nutrition just right so my body can perform. sounds like you've got it covered!

happy riding!