Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Down but not out!

So after my injection of motivation (no pun intended) I hurry up to go pick up my test strips from the pharmacy and get home. [Side note - why do people fill 6 prescriptions and then sit there and argue with the checkout guy about why they are leaving the medicine there like it's some kind of storage facility!] I hurried to get Lexi walked and fed and then proceed to gather my gear for a ride. As I'm getting things ready part of what I do is check the air in my tires and top them off. There it was, a completely flat back tire.

WTF! It was fine the last time I was out! Soon I put some air in to confirm and yes, there was some glass in the tire. Boo! So on to plan B. I ran to the bike shop to pick up two brand spankin new tubes and left with two tubes, a base layer and outer layer/jacket from Pearl Izumi. That shit's expensive, I couldn't pass it up and now I can't use the temp. as an excuse not to ride. :)

By this time it was dark so with a quick check of the blood sugar (99) and a light snack I was off. If I couldn't ride then I would just run! A quick 5K, well quick may not be a good adjective. Anyway I did manage to pull off a full 5K which I'm sure I will pay for in the morning.

End of story, no ride but a run will do. I have replaced the tire and I'm ready for the next non-rainy day!

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