Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Great day for riding!

Yes, I finally got out on the bike! It was great, a little chilly though. I rode from my apartment on the paved hike/bike trail all the way to Brandywine Rd. and back. A 17.5 mile round tip at 15mph average. Max speed reached on the trip was 30mph and the ride took 1h 10m 13s. The best part was there was a stiff headwind all the way out and then a wicked tail wind on the way back. I think it was Kyla pushing me along, after all, the ride was for her today!

Starting BS 57
treated with 45 grams of carbs
Ending BS 85

Right on the money!

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Nancy said...

NICE!! Love the wind at your back! Get out and ride this's going to be awesome weather!