Tuesday, May 20, 2008


OK, trying to maintain composure and control. I have my A1C checked tomorrow but it's amazing how stress can throw it all out of whack! Here's the scoop: my little brother was admitted to the Cleveland Clinic yesterday with a mysterious 103 degree temp that he's had for 2 days. My Dad had a funny reaction on a kidney test recently. My sister is getting married next year in Jamaica and I just found out how much it will cost to get down there for it. My softball team lost last night and on top of all that I just want to get out and ride but it has rained pretty much since Saturday and is supposed to rain until Friday. :(

I think the solution is going to be to ride anyway tonight. Rain or shine I'm going so if your with me give a call....(chirp, chirp) and we'll go!

My BS at 3am was 47 and after a small snack this morning it was 233. Yikes! I have to get myself under control, I don't care if the rest of my life is crazy my diabetes can not be. T-minus 4 months until I get my insulin pump!!!

Hopefully I can report back tomorrow on how the ride went, keep you fingers crossed! :)

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